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National Academy of Sciences - Understanding Stem Cells

National Academy of Sciences 2008 Amendments for hESC Research

National Academy of Scineces - Oocyte donation NAS

AAMC - hESC Research: Regulatory and Administrative Challenges

Potentiality of hESCs: an ethical problem even with alternative sources

The science and ethics of making part-human animals in stem cell biology

hESCs debates: a Confucian argument

The road to providing hESCs for therapeutic use: the UK experience

Moving hESCs from Legislature to Lab: Remaining Legal and Ethical Questions

Emerging Issues in hESC Research

hESC from PGD - Non-destructive Methods

A review of methods to generate new hESC lines

US policy on hESC Research - Mahendra Rao

New Era in hESC Research





May 19th, 2007 Lecture to DeVry University, North Brunswick, NJ

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